Q.O.C. Fulg-o-blindTM


Fulg-O-Blind is a revolutionary and newly patented system capable to convert any Blind-Flanged connection into state-of-the-art Quick Opening End Closure even if existent in a Plant and already operating. The new Product will cancel both the time-consuming process as well as the risks for the operators usually exposed to Pressure and/or Hazardous Fluids. In order to better understand the scope of innovation check also the attached brochure and click on this YouTube link or the red square logo at the last page of F-O-B_web_0.

Fulg-O-Blind gets rid of all the following needs: multiple operators, special tools, stud and bolts and new sealing elements, the only requirement is a single operator without any tool.

Fulg-O-Blind makes possible to operate effortlessly any Blind-Flanged connection for inspection or venting purposes with the following minimum benefits (example based on a Ø8” #600 Flange): 


Conventional Blind-Flange


No. of Operators

2 (minimum)


Minutes for open/close cycle

30 (minimum)


Other costs involved

Tools, Spare Seals and Stud/Bolts



NO assurance of NO pressure

Safety Bleeder or Active Lock


Possible threads blocking

Reliable like a Q.O.C.



Economic value

 Fulg-O-Blind Return On Investment has been calculated starting by a simulation considering: 

  • Sample: Ø 8” WN RF #600 Carbon Steel Flange 
  • Fulg-O-Blind Vs. Traditional Operations (Mount / Dismount Blind Flange by means of unscrew / Screw the studs & Bolts)

The Input Data are:

  • Fulg-O-Blind kit: the Price of our New devices 
  • Tool's depreciation: the costs of all the special tools needed to Mount / Dismount the traditional solution (i.e. hydraulic wrench, crane, etc) 
  • Opening cycle: the hour rate of the operators (considered 50€/hrs) – 1 min for our solution, 1 h (30 min x 2 persons) for the conventional one 
  • Sealing Element: the cost of the sealing gasket needed on each intervention on the traditional solution
  • Stud and Bolts: the cost of the stud and bolts that must be changed after some interventions (considered one complete kit each 20 interventions)

Industry impact

Fulg-O-Blind is available and reliable in both horizontal and vertical installation so as to be applied in all the configurations that can be found “on field”, of course when the Blind-Flange weight is borne by the operator then a counterweight is applied and this also cancels the need of cranes or other “less safe” handling equipment. 

  • Any operation on a Blind Flange for venting or inspection purposes brings the cost of relevant infrastructures, labor, hazard which are drastically reduced if not cancelled by Fulg-O-Blind where: 
    • infrastructures: not needed at all, no tools nor cranes or other handling facilities 
    • labor: one single operator for less than one minute is enough to complete the task 
    • hazard: the device cannot be opened if fluid in pressure is still present inside 
  • No need for consumables: this means that any operator can go and safely operate the Fulg-O-Blind without any external support at any time with NO-RISK of having to force any rusted Stud/Nut 
  • Fulg-O-Blind model has been F.E.A. engineered and successfully validated also through prototype hydrotest applied on used/rusted Flanges 
  • Minimize the time of intervention in such amount and introducing the level of safety proper for the typical hazard involved will revolution the approach to the blinded ends.